Men's Activities

Each year a regular league is run along with several events catering all.

Men's League (Al Murray Memorial Trophy)

The Men's League is played over the entire season on Wednesday afternoons and evenings.   It is played on the front 9 holes only.  Prizes are awarded each week for special competitive events.

Match Play (with & without Handicap)

Both one vs one and team match play elimination games are planned out each year. Join in to see if you can make it to the top of the list. Find a partner or go it alone to enjoy the challenge.

John Cullen Scramble

4 man teams (usually an A, B, C & D) with roughly balanced handicap totals battle it out in a Texas Scramble.  The Men’s Captain (with help from the Pro) puts the teams together, so you know who to approach to get on a ‘stacked’ side (and to get a good starting tee – this is a shotgun).  A great way to meet members you haven’t played with yet.

Men's Ryder Cup

A traditional test of golf endurance, the Men’s Ryder Cup is played on a consecutive Saturday/Sunday…36 holes a day! Teams are selected from the entrants by the two Team Captains, usually balanced for handicap – size of the teams is determined by number of entrants. Since the two teams are overall equal in handicap, all matches are play off scratch.

Lefty/Righty Tournament

Dexter Versus Sinister in a one round, no holds barred, total team Stableford Points event.  Every shot counts as Lefties and Righties go head to head, with total Lefty points going against total Righty points.  In recent years there has been some controversy surrounding the Righty’s exclusive use of scarred, battle-hardened veterans versus the ‘come one, come all’ happy-go-lucky inclusiveness of the Lefty’s, but this is probably just sour grapes brought on by the Righty’s distressing tendency to win…

Quinn Hoffman

A two-man better ball event over 1 round, played with handicaps.  Choose your partner carefully…you want someone who will score well on every hole YOU screw up!

and many more, please ask about the full calendar.